Come out, Give us a TRY! 


Monday and Wednesday

6:30-8:30 pm

McBride Rugby Pitch - Tobey Park

240 S Hollywood St, Memphis, TN 38104


Keep in mind, that these days, times, and places are always subject to change. If you are a new player seeking to catch up with us, we suggest contacting us before coming out. We move around sometimes! Other times we go inside and watch game films.


What you need to bring!

  • Mandatory fitted mouthpiece. (Purchase extras at a sporting goods store and keep in your bag.)

  • Cleats: soccer, rugby, softball, or football.

  • Wear durable shorts. No zippers, metal/plastic buttons, or rivets. Underwear or spandex is mandatory under your rugby shorts.

  • Wear a durable shirt or rugby jersey.

  • Wear a good sports bra (or two).

  • Bring water. NO metal or plastic hair clips.

  • All jewelry must be removed.

  • Fingernails must be trimmed so that no nail appears past the end of the fingertip.

  • Depending on the season you may also want to consider: bug spray, sunscreen, or warm clothes.

  • Some people like a change of clothes after practice or a game.

Always notify the coach and captain of any important/relevant medical info. (i.e.. allergic to bee stings, medication, etc..) and call the coach or captain if you are going to miss a practice.

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Mouthguard and Cleats are a must!

Don't forget to remove your jewelry!

Sara Michael


Warm ups are custom designed by the best physical therapists in the city.

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